Score Points by Recycling on Super Bowl Sunday

February 4, 2021   |   Blog

The Super Bowl is just days away. Whether your team made it to the championship game or not, there is still reason to crack a cold beverage, eat some buffalo wings and enjoy chips and dip. But don’t forget to dispose of your empty containers appropriately!

According to reports, Americans drink about 325.5 million gallons of beer on Super Bowl Sunday. That means all Americans (not just those of drinking age) would consume about 10 cans or bottles each.

However you plan to celebrate the day, keep these recycling tips in mind. And, as always, check with your local recycling program to ensure you are following their guidelines.

  • All glass bottles, aluminum cans, and plastic bottles can be recycled.
    When recycled properly, you are giving these single-use items new life while keeping recyclable items out of landfills.

  • Pizza boxes can be recycled in most curbside programs.
    Be sure the box is completely empty (remove paper linings, crust or cheese) before placing it in the bin. If your box is exceptionally greasy, separate the top from the bottom and just recycle the non-greasy portion.

  • Red plastic cups are not easily recyclable.
    Unfortunately, red cups are not accepted by most recycling programs. Trade the red cups for clear plastic cups, labeled #1 or #2– these are 100 percent recyclable.

  • Polystyrene takeout containers.
    If you’re planning to order wings or other take out from your favorite local bar, be sure to not discard polystyrene containers in your recycling bin. Unfortunately, polystyrene isn’t easily recycled.

  • Chip bags cannot be recycled; glass salsa and queso containers can be recycled.
    Dispose of these bags in your trash because they can gunk-up the recycling stream. However, after your last scoop of dip, wash out the glass jar and place it in your recycling bin.