Make Recycling Easier to Understand for a Cleaner Future

October 22, 2021   |   Op-Ed

In many ways, America’s knowledge of recycling systems is in the dumpster. But new technologies allow us to improve both people’s awareness and effectiveness when it comes to recycling.

According to the EPA, our recycling rate is only 32 percent. One major problem is that people aren’t sure what belongs in the bin — notably with plastic.

Plastic products are marked with the “chasing arrows” recycling symbol and a number to denote the kind of plastic resin. But guess what? This doesn’t actually mean it’s recyclable.

The number system might as well be Greek to most Americans. Plastics that can be easily recycled (numbers 1 and 2 — water or milk bottles) are too often mixed in with products that generally are not recycled (such as number 6, which includes products like foam take-out containers).

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