How to Improve Recycling Habits at Home

February 12, 2021   |   Blog

In order to keep our environment clean and give single-use items new life, it’s important to improve our recycling habits. Like most things, it’s important to practice good habits in the home to ensure they are carried throughout life. Here are a few tips, to help your family step up your recycling game.

  1. Understand what your curbside program accepts and doesn’t accept.
    The first step to improving recycling habits is understanding what you can and can’t place in the bin. While some materials, like plastics labeled #1 and #2 are almost always accepted, other resins might not be accepted in your program. Curbside programs vary depending on the locality or state. To make sure items in the bin don’t contaminate the recycling process, check with your local recycling company. As a general rule of thumb, don’t recycle anything smaller than a credit card.

  1. Have a designated recycling “center” in your home.
    Introduce a bin for recyclables inside your home preferably by the trash can. This is an easy task that will help remind you to place accepted curbside items (that are empty and clean) into this bin instead of tossing them right into the trash.

  1. Get the kids involved!
    Educate your children on why recycling is important. Teach them the basics so they can participate at home–and hopefully, transfer those skills when they are at school or elsewhere.

  1. Set goals for your household.
    Recycling should be a priority, but changing habits isn’t always easy. Ensure your family is protecting the environment by setting goals each week or month. Even the Environmental Protection Agency and many large companies have set recycling goals. Reaching milestones within the household will contribute to increasing the overall recycling rate.